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Sustainable Design Wetsuits - Pre-Sales Launched

BlackGoat Male Green
BlackGoat Surfer Flannel
BlackGoat Male Blue
BlackGoat Male Surfer Flannel2
BlackGoat Female Feather


Why are most wetsuits black? Why does my wetsuit get heavy and soggy? We are in 2020, right? These questions led us onto the mission to create fashion - in wetsuits, and find new technologies. And while we are at the topic of improvement: What is normal neoprene made of? Oh, petroleum... Alright then, let's find something more sustainable! Here we go, we have the solution for this: limestone neoprene instead of oil-based neoprene. Limestone neoprene proves to be far better than oil-based and made wetsuits more sustainable, super stretchy and quick-drying - all in the hippest designs possible for a fresh appearance on the beach! Finding its roots in Bondi Beach, Australia, Blackgoat Wetsuits come in different designs and colors, created by designers from around the world.


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