Limestone neoprene is a cutting-edge, more eco-friendly material for wetsuits. It utilizes the limestone's’ primary mineral component calcium carbonate mined from the mountains of Japan to create chloroprene rubber chips. By polymerization, these rubber chips are further processed to form neoprene ultimately. Limestone neoprene’s exceptional elasticity, flexibility, decreased weight, and insulation properties are superior to that of petroleum-based neoprene and are more environment-friendly and safe. Limestone neoprene has a remarkably low carbon footprint.Chemically, the one property that sets limestone neoprene from other materials is that it has independent higher-density microcell structures. These microcell structures are packets of air bubbles firmly packed inside the chemical structure of the neoprene. This unique structure gives the limestone neoprene improved heat retention, increased durability, decreased weight, and low water absorption, which are all vital factors for a high-quality wetsuit.

Improved Heat Retention and Lighter Weight

Traditional neoprene has microcell structures that are affixed to each other in such a way that if some of them are disrupted, the whole insulation property is diminished. BlackGoat Wetsuit, however, is designed in a unique way that each cell is entirely independent of each other, so that even if you scrape the suit and damage multiple cells, other cells will continue to function well. Moreover, the microcell structures of BlackGoat Wetsuits are filled with nitrogen gas instead of regular air, ensuing better insulation. With this unique structure, the BlackGoat Wetsuit is lighter and warmer.

Increased Durability

The well-proportioned independent microcell structures of BlackGoat Wetsuits are designed to be highly capable of dispersing stretch, mobilizing with elongation, pressure, and compression, guaranteeing a lightweight material with whopping strength and longevity.

Cell Memory

BlackGoat Wetsuits have what is commonly pertained to as "cell memory", meaning it molds to the shape of your body and doesn't get limp and slack over time. With an elongation of 480-580%, a BlackGoat Wetsuit has an exceptional elasticity, memory, and multi-directional stretch capacity.

Low Water Absorption

A BlackGoat Wetsuit is 98% water impermeable. This is a considerable upgrade over petroleum-based neoprene which only has 65% water impermeability.  This wetsuit absorbs almost no water at all, and the wetsuit is much lighter after getting out of the water. This leads to a strikingly decrease in drying time.


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